Wedding Preparation


Wedding Preparation

Wedding Preparation

Preparing for your upcoming wedding is really pretty straight forward.  I'll take care of all of the legals to make sure that everything is completed within the required timeframe and without any errors so that we don't have any hiccups.  


Step 1.

Touch base with me to chat about the type of ceremony that you want to have and my availability.   There is no cost and this is a great opportunity for you to make sure I fit with you both and for me to make sure I can give you the best possible ceremony. 


Step 2.

Confirm your booking with me as your Celebrant!   Once this is confirmed, I will send you an invoice for the deposit and following receipt of the deposit, will forward you all of the information that you need to get things prepared for your big day! 


Step 3.

Complete the Notice of Intended Marriage and all other documents that are required.  This Notice must be lodged with me one month before the wedding date. Some Celebrants get you to do this yourself, however I prefer to do all of the paperwork with you so that we get it right and avoid hiccups down the track.  So feel free to check out the documents, but hang tight until we catch up and complete the paperwork together.  Doing it this way means I can see all of the necessary identification and go through each one with you so you know exactly what they are for.   If you have been previously married, I will also need to see your Certificate of Divorce or other documentation if your marriage ended in another manner.  


Step 4.

We meet up a few times to really get to know each other and start working on how the ceremony will look and feel.  After all, it is your love story, I am simply the narrator, so working together on the ceremony means it is an unique and personal as you both are!  


Step 5.

Complete the draft of the ceremony and go through it together to make any adjustments or tweaks that you might want.  Once it is just right, we book in the rehearsal (about a month out from the big day) to run through what we have created and make any final tweaks.  


Step 6.

On the day, and at the place and time arranged, all parties including the guests, meet and the marriage takes place. I normally arrive around 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to commence to get things set up, chat with the groom and help out with your guests and make sure that everything will be perfect for your big day. 


Step 7.

I forward all legal documentation to the appropriate Births, Deaths and Marriages Department on the next business day after your wedding.


Marrying the love of your life should be more than just words on paper, it should be a new chapter in your love story, the next part of your journey, the beginning shared with those that you love.  Your wedding should tell that story, in all of its beauty.  It's your fairytale, your Once Upon A Time, something that you get to  do once in a lifetime. 

A celebrant plays a massive part in bringing your fairytale to life, in telling the story of your love, commitment, dedication and desire for each other.  It should be passionate, fun, engaging and mostly, it should be all about you and your lover.  

"Bryan McCartney is a seasoned Celebrant with a flair for bringing your love story to life.  If it's a love story you want to tell, it's Bryan that you need telling it." 

Funeral & Memorial Preparation

Funeral & Memorial Preparation



Planning The Funeral or Memorial Service

Thank you for including me in your funeral service and for allowing me the privilege of creating a memorable service for you.  This guide will help you to understand what will happen over the next few days as we prepare to farewell your loved one. 

Initial Consultant

During the initial consultation, I will spend time getting to know you and your family and getting to know your loved one.  I will ask you questions about their history, their life, their interests and their passions and we will no doubt spend some time together while you reminisce about experiences and memories that you have created and shared.   During this consultation, I would usually ask for a photograph of your loved one so that I can really get to know them. 

We will work together to plan the most appropriate and memorable service and make sure that we include any special things that are important to you and your family.  We will talk about the Eulogy and work out who is best placed to write and read the Eulogy at the service.  We will also make sure that you have any special songs included and the right versions of these songs are supplied to the funeral directors. 

I will ask you to share any special stories, known habits or personal nuances about your loved one and we can decide on which of these to include in the service and the best way to do so. 

We can be as flexible as you need; there is no time limit either so we can take as long as you need so that you feel completely comfortable and happy with your decisions. 

After the Consultation

Following the Initial consultation, I will spend time writing the service, sourcing and including the best poems, verses or words that are to be included and will ensure that the funeral directors have all of the information required to complete the Orders of Service and any other memorabilia for the day of the service. 

I will supply the finalized service to the funeral directors 3 days prior to the service, so if you do want to make any changes, we can do so before they are sent for printing.  I will also touch base with you prior to sending the service to the funeral directors just to make sure that you are happy with everything that we have decided. 

On The Day of the Service

I will meet the funeral directors at the venue and will ensure that everything is prepared as it should be.  I will also meet you and your family prior to the service to make sure that you are completely happy and have everything that you need.  We will make sure that everyone knows what they are required to do and what the timeline for the service is.  During readings I will never be far, so if you need me during a reading, simply give me a look and I will be there to support you.   Once the service is finished, I will provide you with a bound copy of the service for you to keep. 


I am available for you to contact at any time should you or someone in your family have any questions or need to make any changes.  It is important to note that if a member of your family requests a change, I will speak with you before implementing the change to obtain your approval. 

The Life Tribute (Eulogy) 

The Life Tribute (Eulogy) is a speech given at a memorial or funeral service to celebrate the life of a loved one.  It can be delivered by a family member, or by the celebrant.  I always recommend that it is delivered by a member of the family who feels comfortable to do so.  A eulogy is a way of saying farewell to a person who has passed away by expressing and sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences that honour and respect them.     

The Life Tribute can be written in many different ways depending on the person and the circumstances.

•      Delivered as a more formal speech which includes the person’s history, career and achievements

•      More personal through the sharing of stories, memories and anecdotes, or 

•      Combination of these two styles

                                                                     Either the celebrant or a family member can give the more formal part    

                                                                     Other family members and friends could share their memories and stories

Writing The Life Tribute can seem to be a difficult task, however writing one can also be a way to start the healing process. To help with writing The Life Tribute I have provided some tips and examples. 

Ideas to help

The most important thing is to write from your heart and express what means the most to you. Remember you don’t have to do it alone - there are resources around that can help. 

•      You could start by looking around the house and pulling out old photo albums, going through old letters or emails, and any other memorabilia. 

•      Perhaps go for a walk around your loved one’s house and garden as this may trigger memories and ideas. 

•      Talking to close relatives, friends, and acquaintances is also an excellent way to remember things. 

If you are still not sure how to put your thoughts and emotions down on paper, here are some tips to help you with the writing process: 

•      Make some notes of your memories, special moments together, your feelings for that person and anything else that comes to mind. It doesn’t necessarily have to be their life story but more about what your loved one meant to you. 

•      From these notes pick out a number of items that are especially meaningful. If it is appropriate you could include something humorous that can help diffuse some of the tension people at a funeral might have and can help to make the tribute personal and unique. 

•      Write a rough draft without worrying about how it sounds – you can polish and review it later once you have all your thoughts down on paper. 

•      Organise the information so that it contains an introduction, middle and end. 

•      Review and polish The Life Tribute and practice reading it out loud. 

Some things that can be included in The Life Tribute

The Life Tribute can also be made meaningful by describing your loved one’s life in terms of achievements as well as a timeline of their life. Here are some facts you might like to gather and include in The Life Tribute. The Life Tribute doesn’t have to include all of these to be meaningful, but by adding some of them it can help make The Life Tribute more complete: 

•      When and where was the deceased born 

•      Nicknames and/or names they are known to others by 

•      Parents names - where they met and married 

•      Brothers and Sisters 

•      Early childhood - localities and interests 

•      Schools attended, awards gained 

•      Academic or trade qualifications and achievements 

•      Some interesting items about childhood days 

•      Details of any war or military service 

•      Details of marriages, divorces, children, significant relationships 

•      Details of grandchildren/great grandchildren 

•      Details of any Club memberships, positions held 

•      Details of sporting achievements 

•      Details of any hobbies or interests, travel, crafts etc. 

•      Details of historical significance 

•      Preferences, likes and dislikes  

•      Details of activities e.g. music, theatre etc. 

•      Any special stories, sayings, qualities that are significant to others 

•      Special readings, music or poetry to be included.

What if I am not able to deliver the Eulogy on the day of the Service?

If on the day you do not feel that you can deliver The Life Tribute, I would be more than happy to read it for you.  Remember however that people do not expect you to not feel emotional and they won’t judge you if you need to take a few moments to collect your thoughts and composure during the service. 

If at any time during the preparation of The Life Tribute you feel you need some advice or input, you should feel free to contact me and discuss how you are feeling so that I can try and help you through the process